Photo Credit: Ashley @ Always Be Blooming event

Photo Credit: Ashley @ Always Be Blooming event

Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers. They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you. They don’t let you play small with your life. These heartbeats are your people. These people are your tribe.
— Unknown

The History

Our Founder moved to San Francisco a few years ago alongside one of her bestfriends and immediately became each others wing-women in seeking out adventures, delicious meals and hidden gems throughout the Bay Area.  The two quickly began meeting fellow female transplants that were also new to the area and looking for others to share in their exploration.  The group started with about five members organizing brunch (as San Franciscan's do on Saturday morning) in each of their respective neighborhoods, to force each other outside of their newfound comfort zone by exploring a new area and perspective of the city.

As the group began to expand, it became clear this group was much more than brunch on the weekend.  With each gathering, the conversations that came to life and the members that shared their experiences brought a level of passion and support that none of us had experienced before.  While we all have great friends & family that support us outside of this community, there is a certain magic that comes with this city and the type of women that flock here to pursue their dreams.  They are dreamers, shakers, movers and change makers, and this is evident in the women that had flocked to our collective.

Our Mission

Our collective was founded with three primary pillars in mind: Explore, Accept & Promote.  These three areas have many different meanings for each of our individual members based on their background and experiences.  As a group we aspire to embody these qualities every day to support those around us, inside and outside of our community.

With that in mind, our community provides an open space for women to feel comfortable seeking whatever it is they need along their journey.  Whether you are excited to make new connections in a new city, in need of a workout partner (#accountability), a mentor for career advice, a platform to vent with fellow like-minded women about some of the troubling topics our society is facing today, or if you are simply looking for a group that is always up for a few laughs (and cocktails)... we have you covered!

Additionally, our community is very passionate about supporting local businesses, organizations and non-profits.  While the majority of us are transplants to this wonderful city, we acknowledge how fortunate we are to reside here and have a strong desire to give back in return. This city welcomed us in with open arms and we plan to return the favor.

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