Upcoming Events

Gal Collective offers a unique combination of events focused on connecting passionate women in the city, as well as discovering local businesses and entrepreneurs. These events are curated with women in mind from start to finish, as we source vendors owned by women, while bringing engaged conversations to life with each theme. Join our next event to experience this movement for yourself.


Stress no more! A meditation workshop with Devon Pipars

In this stress-reduction meditation workshop, Devon Pipars will examine what meditation is and why it’s so effective at reducing stress and anxiety - so effective that it is now being prescribed by health care professionals! First time meditator? Worry not! Devon will help us identify the cause of our anxieties, while guiding us through an effortless and relaxing meditation practice appropriate for all levels. We are thrilled to learn and apply active stress reduction techniques from Devon, given her years of practice in the field of mediation.

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